Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Staying Safe on Holiday

From sunburn and sexually transmitted infections to personal safety, always be prepared.
A bad bout of diarrhoea or mosquito bites can wreck your holiday. Discover how to avoid problems and what to do if the worst happens.
  • Bites - some animals and insects can carry infectious diseases
  • Diarrhoea - avoid letting an upset tummy spoil your holiday
  • Skiing injuries - hit the slopes prepared
  • Illness post-holiday - sometimes symptoms of an illness are delayed until you're back home

Make yourself a check-list, whether it's the necessary vaccinations, a repeat prescription or insect bite treatment, so you're well prepared.
Don't let ill-health spoil your holiday or travels. With a bit of preparation before you go, and avoiding the common illnesses while you're away, you'll have a safe, healthy holiday.

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